15 Cooking Hacks That Can Make You a Kitchen Star

There’s an adage that says the way to a man’s heart (or a woman’s, for that matter) is through his stomach. Culinary skills are essential to everyone—from people living alone, to moms and dads who have a family to feed—yet most of us shy away from cooking, finding it too perturbing.  cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff   Fortunately, knowing a few tricks can greatly improve your cooking [...]

15 Beauty Tips That Can Ease the Life of Any Woman

Most women of the world worry about their appearance and always want to look perfect. The beauty industry is evolving rapidly but most products are expensive and, most of the time, cosmetic procedures turn out to cost an arm and a leg. The good news is that we can always replace them with budget lifehacks that are often more effective than pricey cosmetic items [...]

9 Signs Your Body Is Starving for Magnesium – Don’t Miss No. 8 !

If you constantly feel tired, your eyes are twitching and you have muscle spasms, most likely there is a lack of magnesium in your body. A magnesium deficiency can cause serious illness because too many processes in the body depend on it. That’s why you should stay alert and be able to spot a deficiency in time.cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff We compiled a checklist of magnesium deficiency [...]

Your Living Christmas Tree Is Most Likely Crawling With Bugs

The Christmas tree is the beginning of all the holiday joy, and it symbolizes the spirit that marks the entire winter season.cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff However, despite looking amazing, it can also be the host of numerous critters. Even though they are not dangerous, I bet you would rather have insect-free Christmas decorations [...]

Aliens created GOD when they left Earth – TV history presenter claims

ANCIENT alien civilisations were once mistakenly venerated by humans, creating the base for modern-day religion, it has been spectacularly claimed by History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.  UFO, UFO, UFO Mr Tsoukalos presented his incredible theory about the origins of religion at the annual Contact in the Desert UFO conference in Indiana Wells, California, this weekend. [...]

The Truth about Those “Alien Alloys” in The New York Times UFO Story

The New York Times published a stunning story (Dec. 16) revealing that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) had, between 2007 and 2012, funded a $22 million program for investigating UFOs. The story included three revelations that were tailored to blow readers’ minds:  UFO, UFO, UFO 1. Many high-ranking people in the federal government believe [...]

Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of A UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

UFOs  are perhaps the most searched subject on internet search engines at the moment and if they’re not, they’re close to the top. Interest in the subject matter continues to grow, and the Deep State community has certainly recognized it. Years and years of petitioning from the citizenry and UFO disclosure advocacy groups, on top of other international [...]

Video Emerges of UFOs Speeding Past Rescue Helicopter

Bizarre footage shows two “UFOs” speeding past a helicopter before hovering over a crash site where survivors were being rescued. The silver disc-shaped objects were captured on video flying behind the military chopper by a local news crew off the southwestern coast of France. UFO, UFO, UFO The startling footage from February 2014 has only [...]

Celebrities Who Rock Their Body Flaws

Short legs, no obvious waistline, extra weight… None of these are a problem for some of the brightest celebrities of today. They don’t let their “flaws” get in the way of achieving great things in their careers and in their personal lives. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff   We have collected photos of 7 amazing celebrity women who consider the imperfections of their bodies to be part of their image. [...]