Forbidden Archaeology: The Giants of Ancient North America

It is a well-known fact that history is always written by the winners. The whole historiography has numerous unknown facts, which are never or at best only partially contained in today’s textbooks. Researchers and historians must, therefore, dig very deep into the old archives in order to bring the real truth to light.

The problem here is that the manipulated and falsified knowledge of history has been so anchored in our understanding of the world that all facts and information that run counter to these simple beliefs, most of which are based on lies, are reflexively rejected by the mass of the population for incomprehension.

What is actually going on here?

That is why more and more alternative researchers and enlightened people are asking themselves what is actually going on here! Why was and is the truth manipulated and falsified, and who is responsible for this?

Since facts and information that have been kept secret up to now are now constantly being uncovered, one can state that there has been a historical cover-up, but even today it continues because one cannot simply deviate from it now – all history books would have to be rewritten!

All the real knowledge and secret archaeological discoveries made all over the world fall under the secrecy of the black projects. These discoveries are so sensitive that they are completely excluded from normal research and reporting!

The ancient giants of North America

An important part of these historical secrets are the ancient giants of North America! If you have never heard of it, don’t be surprised, because the existence of human giants in the earth’s past is one of the best-kept secrets in history!

In the time of the first European settlers in North America, thousands of old pyramid-shaped burial mounds were discovered all over the country and these graves often contained the skeletons of human giants up to four meters in size! The reason why it was no longer reported after the 19th century was that these giants in no way fit into the pattern of traditional historiography or human evolution.

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