Ex-General of the United States Talks About What They Really Found on Mars (Video)

Humanity has witnessed one of the greatest popular movements in the history of our planet. We have realized that the UFO phenomenon is not an isolated event, and there is more information on the subject than we have been led to believe. In the last couple of years, high-ranking individuals from politics, government and the military have spoken freely about the UFO phenomenon, suggesting that its reality and deserves more attention.

The UFO phenomenon, however, is not an isolated event that is only seen on planet Earth. While there are millions of people around the world who claim to have seen objects in the sky that defy explanation, astronauts in space have witnessed incredible things in recent decades.

From the mission of Apollo to the International Space Station, there are enough images to make a strong argument when it comes to visits from another world. In short, there are things that even science can not explain. Whether it is the Earth, the Moon or Mars, the UFO phenomenon is everywhere, and one of the most interesting statements made in recent years comes from General Stubblebine. UFO, UFO

Some of the most startling statements come from Albert Stublebine, a Major General, who was also a Commander in Chief of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, and one of the most distinguished soldiers in the United States and the head of Army Intelligence. U.S. UFO, UFO, UFO

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