15+ Smart Life Hacks to Travel Safely We Wish We Knew Sooner

3. Learn the schedule of local public transport.

Public transport is a good option if you want to travel cheap and safe. It’s important, however, that you learn the schedule of the local public transport in advance. In some places there are fewer or no buses or trains at night. If you don’t know the schedule, it may happen so that you miss the last bus and have to walk or pick a cab.


Protecting your belongings and documents:

4. Confuse pickpockets with the help of a dummy wallet.

A dummy wallet will help you keep all your cash and credit cards when being robbed. Buy a cheap wallet and fill it with fake paper or plastic cards and fake cash that looks real. Offer this wallet to a pickpocket when they attempt to rob you of your belongings. Just don’t forget to wear the dummy wallet like a real one, in your pocket or purse.

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